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Steam To Mildura 1999 - Photos 2
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The photos on this page were provided by L Coulten. Please note that at this point in time they are in no particular order.

X42,G527-Mildura.JPG (94022 bytes) T378,GM36,J515,G527,X42-Mildura.JPG (81282 bytes) T378,GM36,J515-Maryborough.JPG (67200 bytes) T378-Dunolly.JPG (47570 bytes)
T378-Near_Dunolly.JPG (65694 bytes) Melville_Car-StArnaud_Bank.JPG (59967 bytes) J515-Turntable-Mildura1.JPG (58234 bytes) J515-Mildura1.JPG (58275 bytes)
J515-Tender_View-Maryborough.JPG (79294 bytes) J515-Turntable-Mildura.JPG (64404 bytes) J515-Maryborough.JPG (73242 bytes) J515-Mildura.JPG (50404 bytes)

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